YAAI Readme

1) General

Yet Another Avi Info version 1 was an extended version of Lee Pages "Aviinfo". I've ported his VB code to Delphi, speeded up everything and added some functions. I'm thankful for his great idea to code Aviinfo and for releasing his code under GPL so I could use it to create an improved version. YAAIv2 was (nearly) completely rewritten, because the old code was just a mess. It's now written object orientated and thus the source is much more modular and portable. If I feel like it I'll write Linux version.

Yet Another Avi Info is published under the MPL 1.1. Actually YAAI has been released under GPL, but I now use DSPack which has a MPL license. To be honest: I haven't even read the license. I'm just a programmer and I don't care about that legal things... If you want to use sourcecode from YAAI in your open source software (no matter which license you choose) just do it (and perhaps mail me). If you want to use code of YAAI in your freeware or commercial programs contact me and we'll talk about it.

YAAI is open source software, I'm writing it in my spare time. I do my best to make the software work as good as possible, but there may be some bugs, glitches or missing features. I try to answer every email, but I've got other things to do as well, so be patient.

2) Functions

Yet Another Avi Info is one of the most advanced avi info programs (in fact I don't know any other program that is nearly as good at YAAI). It provides you many statistics about AVI files that stay hidden in the standard windows property dialog. For example it shows the number of keyframes, the average bitrate of the video as well as of the audio-stream.

With YAAI it is also possible to fix A/V desync in an AVI file by changing the framerate and the audio delay. A strech factor is given so you can open the audio data in "Cool Edit" or something, stretch it and reintegrate it into the AVI. The advantage is that the framerate isn't changed, so you can directly create a VCD with it.

The changes are not stored to the AVI unless you specify otherwise, so there is no risk trying it out. This is the easiest way to learn how to use YAAI.

YAAIv2 also includes a command line interface, so you can use it in your batch-scripts. You can also scan a whole directory of AVI files and write the info extracted from everyone of them to a file. So creating .nfo files should be much easier and faster.

3) Tips & Infos

3.a) Scan Directory

The "Scan Directory" button on the first tab of YAAI lets you scan a whole directory of avi files. The output is stored in an individual file for every avi. It's called <avi-filename>.nfo.

3.b) The Command Line Interface

The command line interface has the following options:
YAAI.exe [-o OutputFile] [-n] [AviFile]

4) Install Notes

Just unzip the ZIP file to any folder and run "YAAI.exe". You'll be asked to specify the AVI file you want to open. Select anyone you want. You should see the data. As soon as you close the program now, it will add itself to the context menu of all AVI files. So you just have to right click the AVI and select "Yet Another AVI Info".

5) Known Bugs

Changing author info doesn't work. It's hardly used and it's quite hard to implement this, because you you need to change addresses in the whole file. Actually I only know one program that does this right (http://abcavi.tk). The author proposed me to include his DLL in YAAI, but it's not open source, so I don't want to use it.

6) Credits

I want to thank Henri Gourvest from http://www.progdigy.com for writing DSPack, because it helped me a lot. Without it I'd had to stick to a buggy control which caused Delphi to crash all the time. Thanks also to #delphi.de @ ircnet, because these guys helped me whenever I had a problem.