Other Programs

Here are some other programs I wrote. They are by not as good as YAAI. Most of them are just quick&dirty coded. They are more from interest for programmers then for other people (e.g. Hexomatik and KillPasswd). Anyway, I hope you like them if you try it out. Please understand that I can't give as much support for them as for YAAI, but just try to write me an email if you have any problems. I'll see what I can do.


Converts Dec-Hex-Bin-Ascii. Additionally Rol,Ror, Shl, Shr,... Useful for programmers (it was for me)


Shows the text behind the *** of windows password fields. Does not work under XP any more.

Notes   Just digital post-it's.. More a demo of how to use a List then really useful.
Regwatch   If you put it into your autostart it checks some keys of the registry every startup and warns you if something was changed.. Really useful!

A Cgi for managing a Newsticker. I'm not really sure what it does. It has been a long time since I wrote it..