YAAI - Yet Another Avi Info

What is YAAI?

Yet Another Avi Info is one of the best tools to display information about your avi files. You can see data like the framerate, the used codecs, the running time, the author information and the exact bitrate of video and audio. You can also synchronize your video and audio stream in a very comfortable way. The best way to learn it ist to try it out! You have the ability to undo changes before you quit the program.

YAAI is an improved version of Lee Pages' "Avi Info". Everything was speeded up, many new functions were added and some bugs were fixed. So if you used Avi Info before, just try out Yet Another Avi Info!


09.07.2003   New YAAI build is out. It has a new feature: The main window can now be shown Always-On-Top (above all other windows). It was requested by Eugen Pecol and is of course optional. The second reason for the release is much more serious. In "Author Info" and "Sync Audio" tabs were not available. It's still a riddle to me why I couldn't see this bug. Sorry for any inconveniences this has cause. I'm off to wear the brown paper bag on my head.
03.07.2003   There's a new YAAI build with a bug fixed that was reported by Michael Gyori.
03.04.2003   YAAI v2.0.1 is out. I've fixed a bug that lead to an access violation when closing the program without a file loaded. I've changed the source code a bit to make it compatible with Delphi 6 and lower. Thanks to Jann for pointing these things out.

YAAIv2 is ready. It's a complete rewrite, because the old code was such a mess. Now it's object-orientated and quite nice to read (I hope). The list of supported codecs grew from 35 video- and 20 audio-codecs to 260 video- and 110 audio-codecs. There is now a command line interface, so you can use YAAI in your batch files. There is also a new option to scan a whole directory of avi files and output the info to textfiles. I've created my own video display window, because the media player control I used before was a bit buggy. Chaning author info doesn't work, perhaps some things will never change ;o). If you need this feature there's a link in the readme that will help you.

Hmm I think that's all that I can say now. I think there may be some bugs, so be careful, and email me if you find a problem.

06.02.2003   I'm currently working on YAAIv2. I don't know yet if there will be many new features, but the source code will be greatly improved (more modular, more readable, perhaps faster). I've released a new version of YAAI v1. There are no new features but the list of supported audio/video codecs was greatly improved.
23.10.2002   There is a new YAAI version. I hope it does finally fix a bug in connection with "Open New Avi". It didn't update all values.
15.10.2002   A new version of YAAI is available, it contains one bugfix and it does now understand that DX50 means DivX 5.
26.09.2002   I've uploaded a new version of YAAI. It doesn't contain much new, just some bugfixes. I'm currently working on version 2 of YAAI. The rest of the time I'm trying to get used to sourceforge.net.

I've created a new design for the homepage, I hope you like it. I've used css at some occasions, it looks neat in Internet Explorer, some graphics aren't shown in Netscape, but it's OK anyway.
The reason for this change is that I simply didn't like the old design any more and that I want an easier way to update the homepage. I'll now write a html parser that can automatically add new versions of YAAI to the homepage.

There is also a new version of YAAI available, v1.0.5 Build 161. You can now save the info about the avi into a textfile. I hope you like this feature.

18.09.2002   Guess what: there is yet another version of YAAI (v1.0.4.153). It removes a bug connected with the bitrate detection.
15.09.2002   YAAI v1.0.3.148 is available.
11.09.2002   New version of YAAI available (
05.09.2002   I've uploaded a new version of YAAI ( - a bugfix release).
01.09.2002   I haven't had a look at the program for more than half a year, but I descided to release it now. Changing Author Info doesn't work, but everything else should be fine.